BY Kanika Nikhanj

Photo by:  Morgan Sessions

Are you sure you are HAPPY today?

Does your passion always propel happiness??

I particularly decided to pen down my feelings about this ‘ultimate happiness phenomena’ to soothe the nerves of those who have always been told to find their passion in life to find the ultimate happiness!!

I wonder mostly: what exactly does being in a state of constant happiness mean? What is it exactly that people want to say when they exclaim- I found the ultimate happiness today as I unraveled my passion…!!!!

I found my passion early in life- Writing (you get no brownie points for guessing that :p !!) Chuckles!! Yes I agree it gives me a high when I am totally, totally immersed into its arms. For a while my connection with the mortal beings and their belongings and feelings and all the baggage that comes along, goes for a toss! I need no one. I desire nothing. I feel nothing (other than that continuous state of coma all writers are aware of being in). There are phases when I hit the keyboard continuously, words and thoughts flowing through my mind like an uninhibited force. There’s no pain or shame or regret in writing what you want to write. Because for that particular moment, as I said, everything else ceases to exist.

But for how many of you does this fountain of happiness last forever…? Mine dries up soon. I shall not measure this duration in hours or days or months or years or lightyears!!! The duration too is transient. Despite having found my passion in life, there hasn’t been a single day when I have told myself- I found my ultimate happiness (leave alone proclaiming it to anyone else!!)

So now the question is- Is finding your true passion going to lead you to ULTIMATE HAPPINESS? Or is it not enough?


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