BY Kanika Nikhanj

Educational Tours

Educational Tours

Educational Tours: At EdQuest our philosophy can be summed up in one word: LearnEx, which simply means ‘Learning through Experiencing’.


Incepted in 2010, EdQuest aims at bringing a revolutionary change in the way children learn and travel: we simply combine the two and the concept of ‘Educational Tours’ is born!


Gone are the days when students were expected to be satiated with imaginary explanations of places and things. Today every child demands personal and tactile experience and believes in Learning through Doing. Totally respecting this change, we at EdQuest blend the three channels of learning: academic, digital and Experience and base these concepts in both our Educational tours and Start up tours. Being a well-established company with a reputation in Global Touring, you too will vouch for our credibility and high standards.


We are the emerging leader in Educational Tours and travel for students and offer numerous Tour options to various countries including the U.S., U.K., Germany, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, etc.

We channelize the strength of every student to make a lasting impact that permeates his life even after the tour. Through its unmatchable Tours, EdQuest believes in leaving impressions that last a lifetime and help your child grow as a person.


Thus fun and education come in a package of travel sealed with personal experience and sent to you with our care and concern. Unleash your child’s potential with us and help him learn and see the world like never before… welcome to the world of redefined Educational Touring!

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