Raya – The Lifestyle Store

Lifestyle Store:

Lifestyle store – Raya:

Pret Stores were the demand of the day in the city of Chandigarh., and thank god to the year 2015 that saw the coming of the Raya- The Lifestyle store here! A very maiden venture, Raya needed the perfect boost to catch the attention of the city’s elite. It basically was the haven to the Indian Designer Wear and needed to reach out to people here. The team, being new to the place approached our  hdegree for the branding and promotion of this venture.

A lot of market analysis was done in order to make sure that the launch of this first Pret store in city went on smoothly. Since this was one of its kind of a store in the Tri-city, special care was to be taken about the Brand Imaging to ensure people understood the whole idea of the amalgamation of designer wear at Raya.

Thus the website was specially designed keeping in mind the sophistication that this brand demanded. The content too was kept witty and panache to match the same.
One year down the line Raya has been doing tremendously well. The latest promotional even branded by our firm for Raya- the launch of the Anju Modi ‘Bajirao Mastani” collection was yet another feather in the hat, and yes, many more to come!

Agency: www.hdegr.ee | Client: Raya

Central State Library- Chandigarh

Library Rejuvenation

Central state Library- Chandigarh

Library rejuvenation


Library rejuvenation:

With a view of enhancing the reading habits amongst the Tri-city readers, The Central State Library- Chandigarh was established. It was one of the leading libraries in the city until many new private libraries with better facilities and strong brand recognition began sprouting up. that is when the alarm bells rang in the ears of the administration which took charge of reviving the library strategies to attract the young and the old alike. They once again wanted the visitors to be best friends with the books the library had to offer.

Thus the Central State Library- Chandigarh, approached our firm with the hope of rejuvenating its image. Our team (we all are voracious readers!) knew where the problem persisted and started working on the same.

First of all the brochure and its contents were revamped. the look was kept modern keeping in mind the taste of the reader of today. The form for membership formalities was completely simplified in terms of content and steps involved. We cater to an impatient world and the crispier the form is, the higher are the chances of anyone filling it out completely. In short- a hassle free format!

Secondly the dealings of the library had to be started online as that is the maximum used source of  social activity today. A website was thus designed keeping in mind simplified procedures, user friendly interface and Flesch-reading ease for juniors and seniors alike!

The Central State Library now boasts of a large surge in the traffic that they witness daily both online and offline. The memberships have gone up ever since the website for the library was launched.  Moreover the members have really appreciated the user-friendly website and the change of the image that the central State Library now adorns. Way to go guys!