BY Kanika Nikhanj

it’s laid back and just beautiful!

Your brain can do the inexplainable! It meanders and wanders. You are in the middle of tackling your real-pain-in-the-neck client and BOOM…!! You suddenly find yourself thinking about the delectable cheesecake you had last week! Or you are having a real serious discussion with your mentor andSUDDENLY!! Your mind relives the time you sprang across your soap-solution-smeared bathroom floor, chest racing your sibling, and maybe banging your head into the wall too during the chase!!!


Just this afternoon I was doing my edit work on the thesis titled ‘The Climatic changes across Asia’. I mean Asia! Not even Europe! I was going through this Summit that India and China were a part of, and next thing I feel is a sudden pang of going back to Rome on yet another vacation! I clearly remember landing in Rome at almost the same time last year. Other than the picturesque drive from the airport to my hotel on Via Baldo degli Ubaldi, I found nothing extra ordinary about the city. Reached my room in the evening and just crashed into my bed, amazed at the daylight even at 9pm.

The next morning I got up and decided to sit in the balcony for my breakfast and tea. That’s my idea of absorbing a place: staying static while everything and everyone else moves past you. That is the exact moment you realise the warmth and character of a place. For me it started from the simple scene of young kids going for a school excursion. The warm sun rays falling on them while they waited in lines to board their buses. Next on the street people zooming past in their smart cars. It may not sound any different from the usual scenes we see around in our territory. But out there in an alien land, you definitely feel the difference!

I got ready and headed to the usual route that an average tourist would take, just to be bombarded by desperate guides! That will never ever be my style of exploring a place (unless I am stuck in the glaciers!). So yes I saw the Vatican, the Museum, the Colosseum, travelled by foot, moved by a hop-on-hop-off, learnt the tube system and ate the local cuisines, which Rome had to offer, to my hearts content. The evenings at the various Piazzas were filled with romance and beauty. The mornings promised a whole lot to do until I flew to my next destination- the lesser known city of Rimini. Until the next time now, when my mind flies off to Rimini, ill do as the Romans do-Addio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!