BY Kanika Nikhanj

Winter in India is just around the corner and it’s that time of the year when we all start getting our winter clothing out for the chilly mornings and nippy evenings.

Loads of thoughts cross our mind as to take it out all at once (the truckload of fluffs and wool) or maybe jus like winter clothing, go layer by layer!! It’s a mundane routine we follow year after year.

smiling girl in black and white striped shirt
You’re pulling those clothes out or your hair

Most articles talk about essential winter clothing, but this article talk about how and when to set out the hierarchy of winter wear according to the arriving and receding winter.

We will also discuss about the winter essentials that should be kept handy throughout the year for that impromptu trip uphills.

So let’s get started with the chronology of winter wear as there’s absolutely no need to get all your winter pile out at once and block precious space in your closet.

Winter clothing
Get those knits out gradually

Since initial weeks (mid October to mid November) are not that chilly, pulling out full sleeves, netty or off-shoulder woollens, half sleeves linen based sweaters, lights parkas or arm warmers over sports bras or bralettes, duster or trench coats and 20-30 denier tights suffice.
At this time booties or ankle boots work well.

Winter clothing
Lesser the denier, better the look!

The basic idea is to keep yourself covered on areas that you particularly feel cold on. So I get me full sleeves out and pair it with shorts and skiers as 8 do t feel to cold on my legs.

The opposite could be true for other who pull off woollen crop tops with jeans or trousers.

At this time booties or ankle boots work well.

Winter clothing and boots
Ankle length booties for initial days

All your shorts, skirts and dresses work well with tights or summer blazers as light layering adds that oomph while keeping you cozy as the day and night temperatures dip.

Also normal sweaters can be converted into arm warmers.

If you don’t own one you can create one, either by pulling back the front part of your cardigan and buttoning it on the back or using scissors (click to watch a demo )

Arm warmers are all the rage!

Or maybe save time and buy one!

Next few weeks (mid November to mid January) are the chilliest ones of the year so getting all those puffy jackets (both long and short), oversized sweaters (stolen from your man’s closet!) is the key.

These may be tucked in woollen skirts or trousers, woollen overcoats, woollen tights (you can now get the ones that have a skin base and black outer layer, so it looks like a 20 denier but is furry and warmmmmm).

Here your mufflers, snoods, gloves, turtle necks (all must haves for peak winters) should see the light of the day.

Keep experimenting with ways to style mufflers and scarves in novel ways to keep the excitement of winter clothing high. Attaching one Instagram profile for your reference, she’s the mother of all things scarf!

Last but not the least, if you’re like me, feeling cold at the slightest dip in mercury, then the thought of a sudden trip uphills, even in June, can make you tremble…literally!

So rather than diving into the sea of stacked away woollen clothing!

I always keep a few handy items in my closet throughout the year.
These include 2-3 thin sweaters, 20 denier tights, woollen shorts or skirts, a wind cheater, a cape, ankle socks and a thin puffy jacket like this one from that I can stack away in a little drawstring bag!

So consider storing your winter essentials in the same way as you’d like to gradually take them out. A little extra work I know, but you’ll definitely reap the benefits of being methodical at the end of the bright summer!

Would love to know if you already follow these tips or have some more hacks up your winter sleeve!

Till then I feel we are good to go for this winter!!

Kanika Nikhanj (Blogger, Writer, Content creator)