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Kamakshi Steels

Kamakshi Steels

Kamakshi Steels

Kamakshi SteelsSteel products:

Born under the expertise of the Him Group of Companies, Kamakshi Steels has embarked on a journey towards becoming the leading manufacturer and distributor of Steel products in India. It has an upper hand in the Steel Industry due to its association and technological collaboration with the prestigious TEGUM Steel Technologies by HSE Germany.

Kamakshi Steel, which is a new venture of its pioneer parent company, manufactures an impressive range of steel in various sizes and grades to meet the requirements of a wide variety of end applications. Being a new launch in an already competitive environment, building a brand image was difficult but not impossible! Thus a new Brand identity was built for Kamakshi, that symbolises Goddess Lakshmi.

Since then, Kamakshi has broken the glass ceiling. From top notch building projects to classy housing projects, their company has left a stamp of trust and strength everywhere. The group owes its speedy growth to the state of the art infrastructure of manufacturing quality units for its clients, and the quality boost given by our Social Media team. Consequently their highly skilled and experienced technical team has drastically increased production and the company is constantly extending its product range, both in terms of sizes and grades of steel. Product development rises as new standards emerge and customer demand evolves. Kamakshi Steel has always aimed to keep up to date with these changes and will always be the key player at moving ahead at a faster rate than its competitors. Moreover a close and continuous market analysis conducted by us ensures it keeps rising. No wonder they already have a head start at being the No. 1 Steel manufacture in the region today.

And once again the satisfaction of a happy customer is no measure!!



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