BY Kanika Nikhanj

My First Book

Well these are the opening lines for THE book I’m working on currently. I said THE book because it’s My First Book and is as dear as life.


The biggest sorrows in life. We look back at the time when we meet someone. There’s something weird that wires you to that person. It might be intense hate, instant attraction, a forced nonchalance, a subtle tingling in your nerves; anything, but yes the connection has been made.

Now the next part is when that connection transforms; hate to liking to love; attraction to confession to a relation; forced nonchalance to mild attention seeking to spending time together; or lastly from subtle tingling to strong bells to arousal. It may take days , weeks or years. But once this transformation occurs we feel in our being, the most beautiful sanctity of this universe.. A heart bursting with love..

Again this bliss lasts for days, months or even years. And then dawns upon that loving heart – something INEVITABLE- the down hill journey of love.

I’ve talked to so many couples during the starting days of my book. Starting from the ones who had just fallen in love through one of the channels we discussed. There was usually one thing common- every couple felt the phase their heart was in was- THE NEVER ENDING one. They promised or knew that they were not going to go through the mundaneness. They were going to be special. They WERE different. So how could they succumb to the usual course!

Sigh! I see them now- married/ divorced/ break ups!

So my book attempts to unravel the inevitable- the death of love! Why does banality and habit chew off the last remains of this beautiful feeling? Why does it breathe it’s last every time no matter what it’s derivation was? WHY?

Let’s see when do I get my answers and when do you get yours!