Educational Tours

Educational Tours

Educational Tours: At EdQuest our philosophy can be summed up in one word: LearnEx, which simply means ‘Learning through Experiencing’.


Incepted in 2010, EdQuest aims at bringing a revolutionary change in the way children learn and travel: we simply combine the two and the concept of ‘Educational Tours’ is born!


Gone are the days when students were expected to be satiated with imaginary explanations of places and things. Today every child demands personal and tactile experience and believes in Learning through Doing. Totally respecting this change, we at EdQuest blend the three channels of learning: academic, digital and Experience and base these concepts in both our Educational tours and Start up tours. Being a well-established company with a reputation in Global Touring, you too will vouch for our credibility and high standards.


We are the emerging leader in Educational Tours and travel for students and offer numerous Tour options to various countries including the U.S., U.K., Germany, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, etc.

We channelize the strength of every student to make a lasting impact that permeates his life even after the tour. Through its unmatchable Tours, EdQuest believes in leaving impressions that last a lifetime and help your child grow as a person.


Thus fun and education come in a package of travel sealed with personal experience and sent to you with our care and concern. Unleash your child’s potential with us and help him learn and see the world like never before… welcome to the world of redefined Educational Touring!


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Free Things To Do In London In 2017

Free Things To Do In London In 2017



There are no free lunches in this world they say! But exceptions can always be made, right? Talking about the ‘it’ city of London, its obviously lives up to its reputation of being one of the most expensive cities on the planet. Right from its super exuberant hotels and eateries to its overly priced transportation and sight seeing, a hole in your wallet is nothing out of the extra-ordinary. Travelling London has been a dreaded thought for the broke. Yet there’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere! So if you’ve already packed your bags for a much-awaited vacation in London or have already set foot there, here are a few free things to do in London in 2017. Not without saving that precious penny though!


Things london

*Visit Museums: There’s ample good news for all you lovers of history out there! Stop worrying about those ‘pound envy’ museum tickets anymore! With it’s newly adopted ‘no-charge’ admission policy, all those 300 museums and in London enable visitation at no cost at all! Start your historical journey with the world famous British Museum. Home to a splendid collection of artifacts, peep into the past at no extra cost. Not to miss the dinosaur fossils at the National History Museum, the Apollo 10 Command Capsule at the Science Museum, the complete evolutionary history of this awesome city at the Museum of London and numerous such historical attractions of the never ending string.


Things London


*Visit an Art Gallery: The ‘EARTH’ without ‘ART’ is just ‘EH’! And so would London be, without its magnificent galleries showcasing the splendid work of art of thousands of renowned artistes from around the world. Start your wonderfully artistic journey and lose yourself with the most famous one, the National Gallery, which boasts of the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh and Botticelli amongst other famous artistes. With more than two thousand paintings, spanning an era from the middle ages to the twentieth century, the National Gallery ought to be the number one on your bucket list! Not to miss out the Guildhall Art Gallery and Roman Amphitheatre, the Wallace Collection and the National Portrait Gallery amongst others. You may go in penny less but you surely shall come out rich.


Things London


*Buy an Oyster Card: An Oyster card is a kind of an electronic ticket, which assists you to go paper free while using the Public transportation in London. It can be used anywhere from boarding buses in London to the London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, London Overground and the Tramlink. An added advantage is that some of the riverboat services and National Rail services too accept the Oyster Card. Moreover, on the London Buses, cash is no longer accepted. Having one of these in your wallet will save you of the international card hassles. Thus this blue credit card sized contactless travel smart card helps you can cut down your transportation expenses by almost 50%!! What’s more? The Oyster Card lets you grab some extra deals on food and drinks too. Thus there’s more of the ‘Free’ stuff than seems to this smart cookie!

Things London


*Watch Iconic Symbols: London is famous for some of its most ‘not-to-miss’ monuments and buildings that shapeup the very character of this great historical city. First on your bucket list ought to be Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress, The White Tower or the Tower of London. Yes the Queen of London, Queen Elizabeth, has her residence in this building! Right there, in its vicinity, you can see the iconic London Tower Bridge and the gigantic London Bridge, slightly up stream. Next up would be the largest of the four Royal parks, the Hyde Park. Love lush green places? Book the Park Grand London Hyde Park for the scenic views to calm your senses. This Central London Hotel’s special offer shall convince you to spend at least a night amongst the greenery and lushness of the royal estates.


Watch the magnificence of London by lodging yourself up on to the London Eye that has breathtaking view from the top. Or go see the Nelsons Column, a 170 feet tall monument in the Trafalgar Square, along with the Fourth Plinth and the famous stone lions. Not to miss the famous BigBen, the giant clock that was originally meant to be called The Royal Victoria. Later walk down to the House of Parliament, the St. Paul’s Cathedral, the newly built Gherkin tower and of course the Buckingham Palace!


Things London

*See Westminster Abbey: Formally known as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, The Westminster Abbey is a big church right next to the Palace of Westminster. It is a historically important burials and memorials site in London. Ever since the coronation of William the Conqueror, all the coronations of the British royalty have been held here. Latest developments include the newly built Cellarium Café and Terrace.




If your motto too seems to be like: To live is to travel, then don’t fear the pounding of the pounds. There are numerous suggestions you have by now to visit the greatness of London without worrying the least bit about the expenses incurred of visiting the greatest cities of the world. Smart minds save a lot of money. The one inspiration that shall always pull you back is that when you step out in London, it just swallows you. And who doesn’t want to get lost in the historical place that becomes a part of you, somehow…

Rome is calling me back!!!!

it’s laid back and just beautiful!

Your brain can do the inexplainable! It meanders and wanders. You are in the middle of tackling your real-pain-in-the-neck client and BOOM…!! You suddenly find yourself thinking about the delectable cheesecake you had last week! Or you are having a real serious discussion with your mentor andSUDDENLY!! Your mind relives the time you sprang across your soap-solution-smeared bathroom floor, chest racing your sibling, and maybe banging your head into the wall too during the chase!!!


Just this afternoon I was doing my edit work on the thesis titled ‘The Climatic changes across Asia’. I mean Asia! Not even Europe! I was going through this Summit that India and China were a part of, and next thing I feel is a sudden pang of going back to Rome on yet another vacation! I clearly remember landing in Rome at almost the same time last year. Other than the picturesque drive from the airport to my hotel on Via Baldo degli Ubaldi, I found nothing extra ordinary about the city. Reached my room in the evening and just crashed into my bed, amazed at the daylight even at 9pm.

The next morning I got up and decided to sit in the balcony for my breakfast and tea. That’s my idea of absorbing a place: staying static while everything and everyone else moves past you. That is the exact moment you realise the warmth and character of a place. For me it started from the simple scene of young kids going for a school excursion. The warm sun rays falling on them while they waited in lines to board their buses. Next on the street people zooming past in their smart cars. It may not sound any different from the usual scenes we see around in our territory. But out there in an alien land, you definitely feel the difference!

I got ready and headed to the usual route that an average tourist would take, just to be bombarded by desperate guides! That will never ever be my style of exploring a place (unless I am stuck in the glaciers!). So yes I saw the Vatican, the Museum, the Colosseum, travelled by foot, moved by a hop-on-hop-off, learnt the tube system and ate the local cuisines, which Rome had to offer, to my hearts content. The evenings at the various Piazzas were filled with romance and beauty. The mornings promised a whole lot to do until I flew to my next destination- the lesser known city of Rimini. Until the next time now, when my mind flies off to Rimini, ill do as the Romans do-Addio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for pushing me off that cliff, it taught me how to fly…  

Well these are the opening lines for THE book I’m working on currently.

I said THE book because it’s my first and is as dear as life.


The biggest sorrows in life. We look back at the time when we meet someone. There’s something weird that wires you to that person. It might be intense hate, instant attraction, a forced nonchalance, a subtle tingling in your nerves; anything, but yes the connection has been made.

Now the next part is when that connection transforms; hate to liking to love; attraction to confession to a relation; forced nonchalance to mild attention seeking to spending time together; or lastly from subtle tingling to strong bells to arousal. It may take days , weeks or years. But once this transformation occurs we feel in our being, the most beautiful sanctity of this universe.. A heart bursting with love..

Again this bliss lasts for days, months or even years. And then dawns upon that loving heart – something INEVITABLE- the down hill journey of love.

I’ve talked to so many couples during the starting days of my book. Starting from the ones who had just fallen in love through one of the channels we discussed. There was usually one thing common- every couple felt the phase their heart was in was- THE NEVER ENDING one. They promised or knew that they were not going to go through the mundaneness. They were going to be special. They WERE different. So how could they succumb to the usual course!

Sigh! I see them now- married/ divorced/ break ups!

So my book attempts to unravel the inevitable- the death of love! Why does banality and habit chew off the last remains of this beautiful feeling? Why does it breathe it’s last every time no matter what it’s derivation was? WHY?


Let’s see when do I get my answers and when do you get yours!

Are you sure you are HAPPY today?

Does your passion always propel happiness??

I particularly decided to pen down my feelings about this ‘ultimate happiness phenomena’ to soothe the nerves of those who have always been told to find their passion in life to find the ultimate happiness!!

I wonder mostly: what exactly does being in a state of constant happiness mean? What is it exactly that people want to say when they exclaim- I found the ultimate happiness today as I unraveled my passion…!!!!

I found my passion early in life- Writing (you get no brownie points for guessing that :p !!) Chuckles!! Yes I agree it gives me a high when I am totally, totally immersed into its arms. For a while my connection with the mortal beings and their belongings and feelings and all the baggage that comes along, goes for a toss! I need no one. I desire nothing. I feel nothing (other than that continuous state of coma all writers are aware of being in). There are phases when I hit the keyboard continuously, words and thoughts flowing through my mind like an uninhibited force. There’s no pain or shame or regret in writing what you want to write. Because for that particular moment, as I said, everything else ceases to exist.

But for how many of you does this fountain of happiness last forever…? Mine dries up soon. I shall not measure this duration in hours or days or months or years or lightyears!!! The duration too is transient. Despite having found my passion in life, there hasn’t been a single day when I have told myself- I found my ultimate happiness (leave alone proclaiming it to anyone else!!)

So now the question is- Is finding your true passion going to lead you to ULTIMATE HAPPINESS? Or is it not enough?