Eina Ahluwalia

Eina Ahluwalia

Eina Ahluwalia


Sparkles and stories, techniques and intricacies, in Eina Ahluwalia product line you shall get an ample glimpse of the world of richness, quirkiness and feminism in its strongest avatar. Trained under the guidance of the Pioneer of Conceptual Jewellery Designing, Ruudt Peters, in Holland, Eina went on to study at the Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy. Later on, David Lamb, MD, Jewellery at World Gold Council tagged her as one of the ‘most promising talents’ to watch out for. Her brand has been a part of many prestigious runway shows and has adorned national and international magazines, alike. Eina has been a part of numerous showcases and exhibitions and her products have been adorned by uncountable national and international celebs.


Design Philosophy…

At Eina, every single product is the outcome of a certain mood connected to a certain technique. The skilled craftsmen behind these masterpieces do full justice to the way we want to project our products and the story that each one essays. Our products are inspired by real women and real life and wait to adorn your lovely curves and edges. Mellow or loud, despair or humour; let the world know your story. Your story that may be purgative, but so is the toil behind the handcrafted pieces we help create. So celebrate your womanhood and show the world how fiercely independent you are in your choices!


Well this was another snippet from another write up done for the brand: Eina Ahluwalia. Lovely brand, beautiful products and once again a thorough enjoyment doing it (we girls love bling bling, don”t we!!)



Agency: The House of Things

Raya – The Lifestyle Store

Lifestyle Store:

Lifestyle store – Raya:

Pret Stores were the demand of the day in the city of Chandigarh., and thank god to the year 2015 that saw the coming of the Raya- The Lifestyle store here! A very maiden venture, Raya needed the perfect boost to catch the attention of the city’s elite. It basically was the haven to the Indian Designer Wear and needed to reach out to people here. The team, being new to the place approached our  hdegree for the branding and promotion of this venture.

A lot of market analysis was done in order to make sure that the launch of this first Pret store in city went on smoothly. Since this was one of its kind of a store in the Tri-city, special care was to be taken about the Brand Imaging to ensure people understood the whole idea of the amalgamation of designer wear at Raya.

Thus the website was specially designed keeping in mind the sophistication that this brand demanded. The content too was kept witty and panache to match the same.
One year down the line Raya has been doing tremendously well. The latest promotional even branded by our firm for Raya- the launch of the Anju Modi ‘Bajirao Mastani” collection was yet another feather in the hat, and yes, many more to come!

Agency: www.hdegr.ee | Client: Raya