BY Kanika Nikhanj

Countryfresh Milk:

Countryfresh Milk

Countryfresh Milk

Countryfresh Milk, as a new start up in the already established milk  product industry of north India, wanted to see its products on the shelves. The main issue was the already existing giants in the market and the stiff competition that they offered. 

This was the time to make sure Countryfresh stood out. Thus we worked on the USP of this brand. Freshness in metal containers right at your doorstep. The next challenge was to make a distinctive image. That’s when our team decided that the Unadulterated nature of their milk should be advertised and boasted about by the producer itself- The Cows!

Hahaha! Yup we actually played with the idea and came up with a write up that made the Cow the hero of the product line! A lot of hard work was done to built up an image of a charming and confident cow through words alone since the branding part only dealt with the containers.

Yet another happy customer and his smiling Cows! Good to see Countryfresh thrive rapidly amongst the giant suppliers. In fact their next step is going to be the production and distribution of various other milk products. We are currently working on this next step and shaping up the brand policy further and the social media and content part too!!

Till then the happy Cow says: Mooooooooooo…..!!!!!!